4 Habits that Develop a Marriage Filled with Joy

For Small Groups Locally and Online

The 4 Habits Marriage Event hosted at Moody Church

Experience more joy in your marriage more often. It is easier than you think!

In this groundbreaking book The 4 Habits of a Joy-Filled Marriages, you’ll learn how to shrink the length of time between moments of shared joy with your spouse.

This is what the authors call “shrinking the joy gap” and it works!

Be sure to get your hands on The 4 Habits of a Joy-Filled Marriage today!


Playing Together


Listening for Emotion


Practice Appreciation


Nurture a Rythm

Small Groups Accelerate the Joy!

Choose the option best for you:

This 6-week video based resource can be done as a local small group in your home, church, or community. 

Don’t have a group locally to share this experience with you and your spouse? Then the online groups are for you!

So, which option best meets your need: local or online? Select the option below to learn more.

Experience more joy in your marriage more often!

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