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Thank you for taking the lead to facilitate a couples group. You are about to usher husbands and wives into a happy, happy marriage! The information the couples will learn, the understanding they will gain, and the habits they will form will shrink the times between their shared moments of joy.

This is your page and we have designed it to be practical, useful, and empowering.

Below, you will see a recommended flow for your gatherings, access points to the Facilitator Video for each weekly session, and access to the Group Video to be shown to the group. There is also an easy access form to reach our Support Team to answer questions, help with techincal issues, and more. 

Recommended Flow


Take a few moments to welcome everyone, give them a brief overview of what is ahead for this gathering. Pray for God to use this occasion to build these relationships with more joy.


There is a corresponding video for the group session each week. The video will consistently follow this pattern: Marcus Warner recaps the material and gives insight, the co-authors and their wives will discuss the material, Chris Coursey will introduce the exercise, and the co-authors and wives will demonstrate the exercise. This will last between 20-25 minutes in total.


Take a few minutes to allow the couples to talk about the material, what stood out, their “A-ha” moment, etc. Then, ask the group to share their thoughts and takeaways from the video.

Affirming the people who share and their takeaways will encourage more participation. Feel free to share your takeaways at this point. By giving couples the opportunity to talk with one another and then with the group before you share, their engagement will be more their own than prompted by what you share.


Review the exercise demonstrated in the video and then have couples practice the exercise onsite. You may want them to shift their position to give them room to do it as a couple with as little potential awkwardness as possible; some couples may struggle to do the exercise, depending on where they are in their relationship and their previous experience with this type of interaction.


Gather everyone back for a few moments of groups sharing. Ask group members to share how the exercise went and how it made them feel. The longer the group meets, the more likely couples are to open up and share, so don’t press everyone to share.


Tell the group what they should read in the book and encourage them to practice the exercises during the week multiple times. Let them know the beginning of the next week’s time together will afford them the opportunity to share how cultivating these habits went for them and the results they are already experiencing. Close in prayer.


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